Milad celebrations: True Love For The Prophet (Pbuh)?

March 10, 2009

Every year on the 12th Rabbiyul Awwal of the Islamic calendar, a fair chunk of the Muslim populace takes to the streets as part of the Milad un Nabi celebrations as an expression of their ‘love’ for Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).


One wonders how apt it is to shout slogans and ‘celebrate’ the birthday of the beloved Prophet (pbuh) for a day and then turn away from his teachings for the rest of the year? In some cases, on the very day of the Milad, many Muslims are so damn engrossed in their ‘celebrations’ that they even miss out on offering the obligatory Salaah (namaz) as the call for prayer is given at the mosque. The real way to express one’s love for the Prophet (pbuh) is to implement his teachings in one’s life, the way of his sunnah. Or else, it is nothing but hypocracy to claim to be an ‘aashiq – e – nabi’ and then disregard his blessed path. Making vocal claims of the Prophet’s (pbuh) ‘slavery’ on one hand, and engrossed in lying, fraud, impatience, hatred, back-biting, disobedience of Allah, and various other tenets taught by the Prophet (pbuh) on the other…simply doesn’t make sense.


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