IPL Cheergirls: Picture of Women Exploitation

May 4, 2009

The IPL match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians yesterday was played in Port Elizabeth, a venue known for its chilly and windy conditions, specially after dusk. No wonder we saw almost all players on the field in action wearing sweaters or double jerseys. From commentators, players, to the members in the dugouts of the respective teams, everyone was doubly clad and a few were even seen wrapped in towels as well. However, one contingent that didnt give you an impression of feeling the chill was – the cheergirl unit.

As others on the field struggled to keep themselves warm, these scantily dressed cheergirls showed no signs of covering themselves up. They are instructed to do so, rather. Just goes on to show you how the female body is being used as a product, a commodity for attraction.

I’m perfectly aware that at this point of time that there is a fair chunk of people wanting to pounce on me in stating “The girls don’t have a problem, why should you?”. They’re right. The girls may not be having a problem with that. But its not just about these girls. Its the women community in general, and how the corporate / commercial sector perceives them. And they are the very same people who talk about women empowerment.

In the first place, its hard to understand the need for a bunch of girls dancing in a game of cricket, in a manner that gives you an embarassing feeling, not being able to watch the ‘gentlemen’s game’ with and without family.


One Response to “IPL Cheergirls: Picture of Women Exploitation”

  1. Assalamu alaikum,

    I have read your views on cheergirls. Now a days everybody before the TV is anxiously viewing to see the boundary or six or the wiket because after that they can see the cheergirls. Even the old people have started to view the cricket match. These are things sponsered by the corporate world to sell their products to adevertise
    the products immediate after the scene. Now the cheergirls have become the real game and the cricket is the advertisement. Actually the womens should agitate against this because they are humuliated by these things

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