Brand Ambassadors: The Bitter Truth

May 9, 2009

pepsi sprite

Brand Ambassadors have been a significant part of the advertising strategy, the corporate world has been using in the recent past. A tactic, that aims at attracting consumers in large scale capitalizing on the fan following factor that celebs carry about with them.

Unfortunately, a fair portion of the consumer population falls prey to this non-sense time and again. A personality may have his / her aura alright. Its quite a trick to make people buy your product by having a Shahrukh Khan or an Amitabh Bachan asking the public to do so. Having said that, its high time people realize that the so called brand ambassadors may change colours like a chameleon any moment, thereby making a mockery of the ‘trust’ they have in a particular brand.

Shahrukh Khan is a known culprit in this regard. He is notorious for advertising any product as long as he is paid well, besides switching brand loyalties. There was a time when SRK used to call himself Shahrukh ‘Mayur’ Khan, everytime he hit the TV screens promoting Mayur Suitings. But today, you’ll find him saying Belmonte’s the best. Very recently, he broke his age old loyalty with Pepsi, one of his trademark ad brands. Over the years, SRK shouted the pepsi slogan – whether it was Yehi Hai Right Choice Baby, Yeh Dil Maange More or Oye Bubbly… but now, all of a sudden he has jumped to its rival Coke camp, advertising for Sprite.

So is the case with Sachin Tendulkar. The little master’s smile accompanied many a ‘express yourself’ posters of Airtel until recently. Now, he is seen disclosing his phone number on TV Commercials of Idea Cellular.

The Master does it, why not the Blaster? Tendulkar’s opening partner in ODI’s and teammate Virender Sehwag’s tale is no different. When he first burst onto the cricket scene, among the many products he advertised was Coca Cola. Now, he is seen promoting Pepsi donning a Youngistan icon (although the number of hairs on his head seem to be disappearing with every passing day) along with skipper Dhoni, and teammates Ishant Sharma and Sreesanth.

Talking about Dhoni, he too ain’t innocent either. Remember that 7 up ad wherein a tennis player goes onto becoma a batsman (Anhonee Ho Gayi Honi, Aur Main Ban Gaya Dhoni) ? 7 up to Pepsi – Captain leading from the front!

If you too are among those who trust a brand becasue your favourite star asks you to do so, it is time you think again. Let your reliability of a product depend on its quality and performance and not merely on your favourite icon’s persuasion.

Clear Hai?


One Response to “Brand Ambassadors: The Bitter Truth”

  1. Hari said

    i agree with ur view point.The so called ‘brand ambassadors’ have no brand loyalty. They are loyal only to the cheque they receive..

    But i fear, the blind consumerist society ever notice such chameleon behaviour.Even if they notice, i don’t think that can affect their purchasing habits.

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